For holistic entrepreneurs & service providers ready for more confidence in their numbers and feeling empowered by their books, backed by a cumulative 25+ years of financial experience.

You didn’t start your business to feel totally confused by your numbers day in and day out.

You started your business to fulfill your soul’s work.

Many business owners are passionate about their work but feel uncertain, fearful, or are simply avoidant when it comes to their finances. I’m here to reassure you that this is entirely normal!

But you are here now, so that’s not going to be you anymore! Because we’re soul driven to keep accurate financial records for you. We’ll clarify all the data for you so you’re left with approachable and useful financial information for your business.

You’ve got enough going on without needing to worry about the financial wellbeing of your business.

Glow Flow is determined to give you the confidence you deserve, so you can actually focus on your soul’s work – and rest easy knowing your financial records are pristine like citrine.

Meet the founder

HEY– I’m Ashley

You may also know me as Ashley Alyssa, the practitioner name I’ve used for the last 10 years. I’m a mom who loves her littles and her fur babies – but also loves growing a spiritual empire.

Since 2014, I’ve been obsessed the world of online business and digital marketing – making money doing everything from blogging to running multiple Pinterest accounts to stacking Holistic Practitioner certifications to build a multi-six figure healing practice. I know how difficult it can be to run a business that doesn’t consume your every thought of the day.

After having a traumatic near death experience and mental breakdown, I knew I needed to build a business that was more sustainable – for myself, for my family, and for my clients. And thus, Glow Flow was born.

Working as a Reiki and Hypnotherapy practitioner was a love of my life for a long time – and now I’m stepping into my hands off era where I focus more on numbers for other practitioners. I’m here to maintain your books and remind you that money CAN be fun! Anything less and you’re not owning your full power.

Because I’ve been you for so long and coached over 120 other practitioners in the industry, I know EXACTLY how to optimize your books for each stage of your business.

We’re dedicated to helping you keep more of your money in the bank so you can continue to build your empire. Are you ready to shatter your financial glass ceiling with ease?

I want to help you live the infinitely abundant life you dream of.

Some actual client wins:

  • Increased single launch by 31% – leading to an extra $21k in revenue
  • Discovered $87k in overstated income – celebrating less taxes owed at year end
  • Raised package pricing by 17% – meaning an extra $812 per client signed

How We Can Help

Great bookkeeping is foundation of your empire, and essential no matter your stage of business to stay compliant with the IRS. We create a customized package tailored to your business – you’ll have organized books and accurate reports to make the right decisions.

Hands down the quickest way to get your books up to date, no matter how behind you may be. We can also tidy up and optimize your chaotic books to prep your business for tax time.

Not seeing the exact thing you need help with, but still feeling the pull to work together? We can create a custom package of services for you.

your finances are more than a a stack of receipts & starred emails.

They’re what keep your business alive. We know what it takes to scale a business to levels that shatter your wildest dreams, but you have to be willing to take the first step!

Professional Bookkeeping

Best for: Business owners at any level

Whether you want to be completely hands-off with your books or have monthly financial review meetings, this is for you.

Gaining clarity on your finances directly relates to the rest of your business, so let us help you keep more of your money!

Our only requirement is that you currently use QuickBooks Online (or be willing to make the switch). Don’t have your books set up yet? We can take care of that too!

Quickbooks Online Clean Up/Catch Up


Best for: Business owners with outdated or neglected books

I promise you – you’re not the only entrepreneur who’d rather do *anything* but reconcile bank transactions1 No worries, this is our jam.

Even if you’re already working with a bookkeeper, it doesn’t hurt to get another set of expert eyes on the most important records in your biz to make sure everything’s accurate.

Let’s get you caught up, cleaned up, and ready to shatter your glass ceiling!

Financial Consulting


Best for: Business owners needing clarity on strategy or a specific issue

This package is really based on your specific business, your goals, and the struggles you’re looking to break through. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to consulting services, so we’ll create a bespoke package just for you!

Our consulting packages can include things like:

  • Budget creation
  • Financial Process Development
  • Offer/Service evaluation & profitability analysis
  • Action plans for reaching big financial goals

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